Welcome. This is Custodes.

Custodes, a Tenacious Fox Ltd product, offers the next generation in website monitoring tooling.


Monitor your website, webservices and SMTP services both on, and off-premise for not only general availability and performance - but full content checks ranging from basic keyword and HTML DOM analysis, through to more advanced functionality such as Google and Kendo UI Charting checks.

Know when somethings wrong

Custodes features a comprehensive range of methods to alert you of problems that occur with your services; from email, SMS to Twitter messages. Escalation processes can be configured to allow different people (or alert methods) depending on service, time and length of outage.

24x7 global monitoring

Round the clock monitoring from geo-distributed, redundant nodes provides confidence that your services are always available everywhere.

Flexible Pricing

A simple, Pay as You Go pricing model provides you with the flexibility to scale up and down monitoring services as needed. Need more control of your billing? No problem - we can also build custom packages for you on demand - just get in touch.

Information Everywhere

No point having all this fancy monitoring if you can't get access to it is there? Our control panel is fully mobile compatible, with Mobile apps for Android and iSLOW  to give you more detailed views and push notifications.

Free Trial

£0 p/month

Fully featured free trial, so you can dip your toes

  • Completely free
  • 30-day free trial of all services so that you can try them out for size before committing.
  • No payment details required.
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Pay as You Go

£0.003 p/check

Pay for what you use - no more, no less

  • Just £0.003 per test call.
  • No ads & no commitment, just simple pay for what you use on our clear pricing model.
  • Data retention from 30 days included; longer periods available at additional cost.
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Monthly Invoicing

Upon Request

For those with awkward finance departments!

  • We know that not everyone can pay by subscription, so we can tailor a package just for you (and your finance department!).
  • Discounts for committed yearly packages!
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Here are some answers to your common questions. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information about our services.

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Can Custodes be rebranded or whitelabelled?

Yes! We can offer a fully white labeled product, and can reskin virtually any part of the service with ease. Please contact us for pricing.

Can I monitor internal services with Custodes?

Soon, yes.  We will be shortly launching our "Internal" Collector agent, which will give you the full power of Custodes monitoring but on-premise.  This agent will carry out the test / polling activity and submit the realtime results back to the Custodes application - that way you get a single place to manage all your tests and alerts.

Can I run Custodes entirely on-premise?

Unfortunately not at present - Custodes is only offered as a cloud service.